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We are a leading practice of accountants based in Shepley, Huddersfield giving trusted advice to businesses and individuals.

Perhaps you...

  • DREAD sorting out your tax affairs;
  • ARE STARTING in business and need advice;
  • WANT an accountant who knows all the loopholes;
  • HATE Accountants bills;
  • KNOW you should be making more profit than you are;
  • ARE FED UP with your accounts taking ages to complete;
  • WOULD LOVE someone else to do your bookkeeping and payroll;
  • WANT HELP to grow your business; OR
  • JUST NEED a friendly, proactive, efficient accountant.

Why You Should Meet With Us!

  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited Free Meetings
  • A Free Initial Tax Review
  • Work On Time - Every Time
  • Fixed Fees
  • Monthly Tax Tips by Email
  • FREE Gift - Complete Profit Guide
  • All Clients Treated Equally
  • FREE Annual Financial Checkup
  • All Work is 100% Guaranteed

Further details of all these points are shown in our client charter.


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An investment in eligible shares using the Enterprise Investment Scheme can save you 30% Income Tax and Defer Capital Gains Tax on gains you have already made as well as any gains on the investment being tax free. Use our tax helpsheets to find out more about this and other useful information.

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